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Bee Pest Control by Pest Control Services Cheltenham

While it is rare for honey bees to build a hive inside a home, they have been known to do so in attics, walls or crawl spaces that were not secured. If bee nests are treated with insecticides, then it is important that as much of the nest is removed as possible following the treatment to prevent any non target foraging bees entering the nesting site and taking away any contaminated honey.

Pest Control Services Cheltenham Explain How To Deal With Pest Bees

The principal species of bee that sometimes cause problems in the UK are the honey bee, bumble bee and masonry bee although there are actually thousands of different species. When it comes to a bee infestation, your best option may be to contact the British Beekeepers Association who can offer advice. Pest Control Services Cheltenham are looking to the future by developing alternative methods of biological pest control.

If you need a wasp removal specialist then look no further than Pest Control Services Cheltenham. Pest Control Services Cheltenham, like all good pest controllers, do not apply bee treatments unless there's a serious threat to human life.

Pest Control Services Cheltenham Provice Bumble Bee Pest Control In Cheltenham

Here at Pest Control Services Cheltenham, we will do everything we possibly can to re home bee colonies.

Pest Control Services Cheltenham offers a free home inspection to investigate possible access points and will provide an estimate for pest removal.

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When it comes to a bee infestation in your home, Pest Control Services Cheltenham have a number of methods for removal. Contact our Pest Control Services Cheltenham bee specialist today for information on bee removal and ask about our inspection offer.

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